Weekend Update - June 25th, 2021

Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Staff:

I hope the early part of your summer is going well and that you all get deserved rest and family time. I wanted to just share a couple of updates:

  1. The Governor's Emergency Order: has been lifted. Therefore, we are allowing access to our public buildings as needed. The central office at the Mascoma Bank is open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. If you have official business, it might be good to call ahead. But it is not necessary. We are strongly suggesting that anyone who has not been vaccinated please continue to wear a mask. There is no need for fully vaccinated persons to wear a mask. 
  2. Summer Academy: starts on July 6th. The same rules will apply to the Academy. We ask that unvaccinated persons/children wear a mask. Vaccinated persons no longer have to wear a mask. We will continue to follow good sanitary protocols around hand washing and sanitizing. We want this to be a good summer and the Academy will be a great test of our ability to lessen the restrictions with no apparent infection. 
  3. Board Meetings: will now be in a Hybrid format. We will continue to provide a virtual link. The virtual option has increased attendance. We would encourage folks to attend virtually. There will be a physical location identified and at least one board member will be present at that location. Our first test of this new protocol will be Monday night, June 28th when the SU Board meets in Hybrid form at 6:30 at the SU Office Conference Room on the second floor of the Mascoma Bank on Main Street in Windsor. We expect most board members will continue to meet virtually, but Elizabeth Burrows and I will be in-person. The agendas for all board meetings are posted on our website. They will have both the virtual address and the physical address. If you ever have any questions about a meeting time or location, call Laurie Brown at 802-674-2144 Extension *107.
  4. Next Year: We still have no additional direction on the restrictions once we all come back. I assume they will be similar to those above. As soon as we get the guidelines from the AOE and the VDH, we will let you know. 

I will send out updates periodically over the summer. Have a safe summer!

Dr. David Baker
Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union