Weekend Update - July 9th

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Staff:

Hope your summer is going well. I just wanted to share a couple of updates with everyone:

  1. Calendar: Our SU/District Calendar has changed just a bit. We had scheduled two Asynchronous Days during Parent Conference Week. We subsequently found out that the AOE is no longer allowing any form of Asynchronous time or Remote time except for some exceptions around severe weather. So we have changed the calendar to make the Fridays, as well as Thursdays, of Parent Conference Weeks early release days. You can find the new calendar with updates here. You will see the Early Release Days are highlighted in yellow. The rest of the calendar stays the same. The first day of school is still after Labor Day on September 7th and our last day, if there are no snow days, will be June 14th.
  2. Snow/Emergency Days: The AOE is still allowing remote days for weather and other emergencies. I know many parents are content with old fashion snow days where we are out of school and we just tack those days to the end of the year. We can certainly start that way. What we want to avoid is going too deep into June. The weather gets hot and the children do not respond well. So if we get beyond three (3) weather/emergency days, we might take a remote day. We will certainly keep everyone posted.
  3. Summer Academy: has kicked off very well. A big shout out to Katie Ahern, Patty Pomerleau, and Jen Duranceau for all the work in preparation. I was in attendance on the first day and all of our principals were on site. This gave a real sense of security and teamwork to the children. We are serving well over 100 children PK through 12. Well done staff!
  4. Summer Food Program: is serving at the Academy site. We are also making deliveries to two additional sites per town. These deliveries are not going so well. It is taking a driver about five hours to complete the loop (with pick up afterwards) and we are serving much less than expected. We can't drop door-to-door and the central locations are not working with a couple of exceptions. So, starting on Monday the drop sites will be Windsor School, Kennedy Pond, Hartland Recreation Program, and Perskinsville. We will reassess at the end of next week. If you really need lunch, reach out to Craig Locarno at clocarno@wsesu.net. The lunches have been of great quality and hats off to Heather Gokey and Rodney Claro!

I think that is it for now. I will have an update on any COVID restrictions for the fall once we hear from the AOE. In the meantime, we are planning a regular opening. Stay tuned! Enjoy the time with the kids!

Dr. David Baker
Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union