Weekend Update - April 3rd, 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers: 

  1. Travel Restrictions: With April break around the corner and COVID case counts on the rise, I would seriously recommend restricted travel over the break - even if vaccinated. This would especially be the case for out-of-state-travel. We still need to be diligent about spread. It would be so sad to mess this up in the home stretch. If you have any questions or you are experiencing any symptoms, please contact your school nurse. We are all in this together. 
  2. COVID Cases: We did have one COVID case in Weathersfield and two in Windsor this week. In both cases, the transmission was from outside the school building. Our nurses and the staff responded using our protocol. I continue to be so impressed with the professionalism of our staff in general, and particularly our nursing staff. All students and staff that had to quarantine were informed in a timely fashion. Each time we learn a little more about how to go about this work. We appreciate the cooperation from all of our community members. So important to stay masked, keep the distance, watch the travel, and always wash those hands.
  3. School Calendar:  We hope to have the final school calendar out before the end of the April break. We will be going back to 175 student days. As stated in previous emails, we will start after Labor Day. We also hope to have the K-12 daily schedule out soon after that. There are a lot of moving pieces. We are anticipating a longer day as adults get vaccinated. But we are not sure if vaccines will be available for children by then. We have come a long way, but we are being told by the AOE and the VDH that there may still be some restrictions in place as we study the efficacy of the vaccine. Stay tuned - these are difficult waters to navigate.
  4. 7th and 8th Grade Athletics: We are excited that our 7th and 8th grade registrations are going well for our all-SU team in baseball, softball, and Track. As stated last week, Baseball will be based in Hartland; Softball in Weathersfield; and Track in Windsor. If students want to register then please use this link.
  5. Summer Recovery Program: We have identified those  students who may be most in need of summer programming as we come out of this school year. There will be intensive, but fun, summer programs for 5 weeks starting on July 6th. Once we have notified all of the targeted students, we will notify all parents if there is room. We do have a maximum capacity. I want to thank Katie Ahern, our Director of Student Support Services, for all the work that has gone into the preparation.
  6. Hartland Annual School Meeting: Once again I want to remind our Hartland community that we still have to have your informational meeting and voting on town and school articles and budgets. The Annual School Meeting is on Saturday April 24th, 2021 at 11:00 AM. The Town Meeting starts at 9:00 AM. The town and the school district are using the same Zoom link on the warning found here. Attending the annual meetings allows you to get critical information before the vote on the following Tuesday. We will continue to remind our parents to participate and vote. Turnout can be weak in the off-election years.

I think that is it for now. Have a great weekend. Stay safe and stay well!

Dr. David Baker
Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union