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Superintendent Message - April 2nd

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

First, I want to thank you all for your patience and persistence through this difficult time. Now we know that this will be our new normal through the end of the school year. We will be getting some information out in the next week or so about the teaching and learning process during this next phase. I don't think it will bring significant changes, but there will be some. We don't want to overwhelm you or your children during this phase.

I am committed to keeping all you informed as we build the plan. In the meantime, I can give you an update on the schedule over the next few weeks. Based on our school calendar, our April vacation was scheduled to begin on Monday, April 13th. I can confirm that the Supervisory Union will indeed go on vacation as scheduled. Remote learning opportunities will cease during that time. This will give our staff, students, and families a break from these first few hectic weeks. You all deserve that break.

Wee also need to give our food workers a chance to catch their breath. They have been working exceedingly hard. We are going to work over the April break to centralize the food service program so that we can keep our workers and volunteers safe. We will not be delivering food during the April vacation, just like other school vacations in the past. The plan is to provide students with some extra food on Friday, the 10th, to help during the break. This food will be delivered using the normal school bus runs that have been working so well. I want to thank our transportation company for their outstanding effort.

There will be no parent conferences this Friday. Teachers have been asked to reach out to families if there are major concerns. This is not a school day for students or a work day for support staff. So you may not receive a lot of contact on Friday.

As soon as we have the plan going forward, I will reach out to you. I want to thank the staff, students, and especially our families for the way you have supported this remote learning operation. I want to thank all the community emergency management teams; our health care workers; and Mount Ascutney Hospital's Jill Lord for leading the volunteer charge. She's been extremely helpful in providing volunteer support for all of our towns as we move into the next phase of food delivery. 

Who could have ever predicted this would happen? It is unprecedented. But this is an extraordinary group of communities. We are resilient and we will get through this. We will keep in touch. In the meantime, Stay safe, stay home, and stay calm. 


Dr. David Baker
Windsor Southeast SU