Student technology

Good morning Parents & Guardians,

As many of our students & teachers move to online/remote learning for the foreseeable future, we have had some requests for different Internet options as well as the promotions some of these ISPs have been offering since the COVID-19 outbreak. We have collated all the promotions to-date and posted it on our website here. Hopefully, this collection will help some of our families.

On another note, while Chromebooks have gone home for most students in our SU grades 5-12 for many years, we know this is new for everyone in grades 1-4. I want to thank the parents, teachers, support staff, and students for your patience as we make this shift from bricks and mortar to online/remote learning.

There are two important things to note, which we tell students every year when we give them their school-issued Chromebooks that they also take home:

  • First, their laptop is being filtered whether on-campus or off-campus provided they are using their school-issued Chromebook. If they are using another device in the home, it would obviously not be on our filter;
  • Second, we have a record of all their history and every website they've visited, again provided they're using their school-issued Chromebook.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, the best place to start is with your student's teacher. They are best suited to determine if a problem is a "user issue" or a "technical problem" requiring IT staff to get involved.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding,

Larry Dougher
Chief Information Officer
Windsor Southeast SU