Student Registration

The following information is for students in grades K-12 who reside with a legal guardian/parent within the town limits of Weathersfield, West Windsor (Brownsville), Windsor or Hartland, Vermont. To register your student at Albert Bridge School, Hartland Elementary School, Weathersfield School, Windsor School or Windsor High School, please follow the directions below. 

If you are a resident of one of the towns listed above and are registering your child for the publicly funded Pre-K or the WSESU Early Childhood Program, please know that your child will need to be at least 3 years old on or before September 1st of the academic year for which you wish to register them. A parent/guardian will need to fill out the Publically Funded Pre-K Registration Form and Applications as well as the residency form at the end of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: Only a parent with custodial rights or a legal guardian is permitted to register a student.

Registration will be accepted and completed by the Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union (WSESU) Registrar located at 105 Main Street, Suite 200, Windsor, VT, by appointment only. Please call Laurie Brown (WSESU Registrar) at 802-674-8107 or e.mail to schedule an appointment. Once registration has been completed (to include residency verification), you and your student will be referred to the school that serves your town to meet with the counselor, school registrar and any additional staff and/or administrative personnel requested.

To expedite registration and prevent any delays in your student’s enrollment, please read and follow the directions below. If there is a question related to any documentation provided (or not provided), the WSESU Superintendent will make the final decision regarding residency and/or registration status.

  1. PROVIDE PROOF OF RESIDENCY: Prior to your student being registered in one of the schools listed above, proof of residency must be provided to the WSESU Registrar located at 105 Main Street, Suite 200, Windsor, VT. An Affidavit Concerning Pupil Residence form must be completed, signed in front of a Notary Public and submitted with additional documentation to fulfill residency verification. A Notary Public can be found in most town offices and local banks. For your convenience, there is also a Notary Public located within the WSESU administrative office. (For a copy of the Verification of Residency and Affidavit Concerning Pupil Residence form, please click HERE.)

    As noted on the instruction page of the Affidavit Concerning Pupil Residence, 3 pieces of documentation MUST accompany the affidavit. Shown below is an excerpt from the residency instructions listing acceptable documentation to provide for verification. When coming to the supervisory union office to register your student, please be sure to bring these documents with you. Again, without these documents and completed affidavit, registration will be delayed.
  2. Please be reminded that only a legal custodial parent(s) or a legal guardian(s) is permitted to register a student. If the biological parents were married and then separated/divorced, a copy of the legal custodial paperwork or divorce decree must be provided. If the student is being registered by someone other than a custodial parent (i.e. grandmother, aunt, sister, etc.), they must provide legal (court-based) documentation that they have guardianship of that student.
  3. Student Registration Form: This form must be completed and signed by the custodial parent or legal guardian. The information on this form will be entered into PowerSchool (our student information system). Your student’s legal name must be used on this form. After the initial registration, if changes need to be made to this information, it will be done at the school level. It is extremely important to be as accurate as possible on this form and to list additional contacts in case a situation arises and a parent or guardian cannot be reached. This form will be sent to the school that your student will attend to be kept in their school record. (A PDF copy of this form can be obtained by clicking HERE)
  4. Special Education / 504 Plan / Behavioral Plan: If your student has a current IEP (Individualized Education Plan), 504 Plan or Behavioral Plan, a copy must be provided to the WSESU Registrar at time of registration. IEP’s will be reviewed by our Director of Student Support Services prior to enrollment to ensure that needs can be met. 504 Plans and Behavioral Plans will be forwarded to the appropriate school building administrator(s) for review to ensure that needs can be met.
  5. Student Record Release Form: This form must be completed and signed by a legal parent/guardian. This will allow the enrolling school to request the student’s records once the registration process has been completed. This form will be provided by the SU Registrar once residency verification has been completed.
  6. HIGH SCHOOL (grade 9-12) STUDENTS ONLY: A copy of the student’s current transcript must be provided to the WSESU Registrar. This document will be sent to the Windsor High School Registrar to be reviewed for credit requirements met and those needed for graduation. (If the student is in 9th grade and has not completed one high school semester/trimester, this will not be a requirement.)

Please note the following for students requesting to register in Windsor High School whose residence is OUTSIDE the town of Windsor or West Windsor/Brownsville:

The student must be a STUDENT IN GOOD STANDING Per Mt. Ascutney School Board Policy (Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students). Good Standing is demonstrated when the applicant shows that:

  • He/she has not been legally dismissed or suspended for more than three (3) days during the preceding twelve months for disciplinary issues;
  • He/she is making satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of a high school diploma;
  • His/her school attendance record presents a reasonable likelihood that any existing attendance requirements of Windsor School will be met;
  • His/her school record shows no patterns of behavior that would present a safety concern for the Windsor School community (i.e. violence, drugs/alcohol, etc).


Student Entry Health Form: This form is needed for all students registering for Kindergarten through 12th grade (NOT Pre-K) and will provide information to school building nurses regarding your student. Please fill out all portions. If you have questions regarding this form, please refer to the nurse at the school your student will be registered in. Please return this completed and signed form with your other registration information to the WSESU Registrar. All information is kept confidential.

Home Language Survey: This form is required by the Vermont Agency of Education to be filled out by parents/guardians of all students registering at a school in Vermont. Please complete and submit with your registration information to the WSESU Registrar. All information is kept confidential.

Migrant Education/Vermont Employment Survey: Please complete and submit with your registration information to the WSESU Registrar. All information is kept confidential.

NOTE: Once a student’s registration process has been completed and all forms/documents have been provided and approved, the appropriate school registrar will be notified. Please be aware that if the school/health records being transferred from your student’s prior school do not include a birth certificate and up-to-date immunization printout, you will be required to provide these upon their request.