COVID Testing Information

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

I want to thank everyone who responded to the last Google Survey about Test To Stay. While we are quite divided on who should do the swabbing (school or parent), there was general consensus that this tool will help keep our students in school. We still have some work to do, and we will need feedback one more time so that we can get our bearings straight for implementation. Before you go to this very quick survey, please understand a couple of things. 

  1. We can't allow the testing to be done/completed at home. 
  2. A child will never be swabbed without your permission. If you do not want to participate, then you do not have to participate. However, you will have to understand that your child will need to quarantine. 
  3. There will not  be a remote option during the quarantine period if you choose to not have your (unvaccinated) child tested. We have an agreement with our Teacher Association that no teacher will be required to teach remotely and in-person simultaneously. We will excuse the absence and provide work, but that will be the extent.
  4. Test-To-Stay is only for unvaccinated children. If you can present your child's vaccination information, your child will not have to quarantine or test once we begin.
  5. We hope to start by the week of November 22nd at the latest.

So with this information, we want you to take this very quick one question survey found here.

Dr. David Baker
Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union