Changes in our Food Service Program

Exciting Changes in our Food Service Program for FY 20

Weathersfield School will host a variety of excellent changes in our food service program this coming school year, thanks to our new Food Service Manager, Craig Locarno. Many of the changes we are making were first introduced to us by former Board Member, Laura Cody McNaughton. Her vision for a healthier food program for kids lives on today, thanks to her tenacity, passion and encouragement!

First, we are opening the kitchen doors at 7:15 am and serving breakfast until 7:50 am, (start time used to be at 7:30 am). Students start arriving to school by 7:00 am, so we want to make sure they could have a nice warm breakfast soon after arriving.

Second, we are introducing Breakfast After the Bell, (BAB), in addition to the 7:15 breakfast time. Since all students have a morning snack break between 9:00 and 9:45 am, we are offering students the opportunity to go and get breakfast from the kitchen during this time. It will cost the same as the 7:15 am regular breakfast, $1.50. We are encouraging students who do eat breakfast at school to pick one, not both. Teachers will see a new line added to their food service morning count form called BAB. Each morning, teachers will take a count of who wants regular breakfast, snack milk/juice, Breakfast After the Bell, and school lunch,(including various lunch options such as soup and salad bar). When the individual teachers designate their morning snack time, kids who signed up for BAB, will go down to the kitchen to retrieve their meal. We think BAB will be popular because we are offering the Walking Program on M, T, Th, and F from 7:30 to 7:50 am. On Wednesdays, all year long, Miss Ashley will be leading us in dance and movement as a part of Wednesday Wellness Workout, from 7:30 to 7:50 am. Students often skip breakfast so they can attend these early morning social events. By offering BAB, they can eat later in the morning and perhaps when they are hungrier.

Third, we are doing more scratch cooking this year. This is an exciting addition to the program. Homemade cooking from fresh ingredients should make the meals more nutritious and delicious.

Fourth, we are working with local farmers to increase our Farm to School initiates. We will share more on this as the year goes on.

Fifth, we wrote a grant for a new salad bar and got it! The kids have been clamoring for fresh salads that they can compose on their own. Having fresh fruits and veggies on the salad bar, offered daily, is a healthy option for children to select.

Sixth, Mr. Locarno bought a cow to be butchered which we will be sharing with Hartland Elementary School. Fresh meat from a local farm is another way we are showing our commitment to providing a more economical, balanced, and fresh food service program.

I will be sure to add this information in our Parent/Student Handbook, too.

Happy July!

JeanMarie K. Oakman, Principal
Weathersfield School

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