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School Report Night - June 4, 2019
Oh, What a Night!!!  We had our annual School Report Night  tonight on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 from 5:00 to 6:00 pm in the AP Room.  As usual, we had over 75 people in attendance, two were fireman who came in for dessert!  We offered a delicious dinner of pizza, salad, water and cookies, (yes, we had GF pizzas, too).  Thank you to Craig and Steve in the kitchen for making a yummy and nutritious meal!  We also will have sixteen stations for families to visit, complete with photos, storyboards, handouts, charts, graphs, and door prizes!  Special thanks to our school board members who manned two tables, Four Winds and The School Board Cares tables! The stations were:

1.      Emily Stevens             Health and Wellness
2.      Kristen Huebner           Schoolwide Literacy
3.      Lori Small                     TIPS/Homework Support/Scholastic - Camp/Eureka Math
4.      Wendy Allen                 PTA
5.      Sean Whalen                Four Winds
6.      JM Oakman                 Welcome Center/ Assessment/CIP/
7.      BJ Esty                         School Safety and Emergency Prep
8.      Lora Powers                 Panther Cub Night/Dial 4/Outdoor Classroom
9.      Meg Shambo                Social Emotional Interventionist
10.  Jenna Brown                 Attendance/Discipline/High School and Pre-K - Transitions/MTSS LT+RT
11.  Zach Shambo                   PAWS
12.  Jennifer Roby                    Spanish Station
13.  Laura Berry                       Hicks Nichols
14.  Barb Martin                       Staff Wellness
15.  Tara Smith                          Hosting Book Fair
16.  School Board Members       School Board Table – Q and A

New AD at WS
Please join me in welcoming Jessica Kischko to WS as our new Athletic Director, to begin on July 1, 2019.  A committee of seven selected Jessica as the best candidate to fill the position.  Jessica has a Masters degree in Athletic Leadership from Castleton University, has been a head coach and an accomplished athlete her entire life.  Her energy, passion, vision, and organization convinced the committee and school board that Jessica is the best person for the job!

BJ Esty, Ms. Stillson, and I will be in Burlington with 20 8th graders on Friday, leaving at 8:00 am and returning around 8:30 pm.  Kids are super excited and so are we!

Field Day is Friday, is June 7th, under the direction of Laura Berry, PE Teacher.  The 7th Graders will lead the AM stations.  Afternoon will include the annual pie eating contest and Staff vs. 7th grade kickball game.  

What Students need:  

  • Classes color shirt

  • Sunscreen

  • Water bottles

  • Hat / Sunglasses

  • Sneakers

  • Positive Attitude

Class Colors:

News from Mr. Villa
A Community of Readers

The Weathersfield middle school classes are truly an amazing bunch of young people. This school year, these six, seven, and eighth grade students read an astonishing total of 3,606 grade level books.  To put this in proper perspective, that is 631,050 pages of text! A true community of readers. When our middle school students complete their assigned work in class, they take out their books and read.  

During transitions - they read.
In study halls - they read.
Wherever and whenever they can - they read.
With the goal of  30 minutes a day and 25 books a school year.


Because increasing the amount of silent reading proved to be the most obvious way of increasing comprehension scores, and 30 minutes has shown to be the optimum amount of time required to achieve this goal.

We are so very proud of all of you.  You’re the best!

Mr. Villa
WS Middle Level Science Teacher

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