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Lock Down Drill Today a Success

Lock Down Drill: Clear the Hall, Secure the Building

Today, September 8, 2017, we had our first Clear the Hall; Secure the Building lock down drill.  As you may know, the AOE requires two drills the first month of school.  This drill occurred at 8:10 am.  With seconds after hearing the command over the PA system, the school was completely silent, and locked down! Again, we had two students practice the drill with us.  They helped check doors, (all were locked), and listened to hear for sounds or any noise.  They reported that the school was silent!  After the All Clear command was called and the students were praised for their good work, we had a debriefing meeting in the office.  Once again, the two students voiced their amazement about how quickly and quietly the entire drill occurred.  They also shared that they feel our school is very safe. Without a doubt, WS is a safe school!  We are very proud of faculty, staff,and children for making our school a safe haven!