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Forest Friday

Some schools across the state are starting to recognize the benefits of outdoor education to their students and for the second year in a row the kindergarten teachers at Windsor school are participating in Forest Friday. Across the supervisory union Albert Bridge, Hartland, and Weathersfield are all doing a forest program at their school on various days throughout the week and across multiple grade levels. As part of the Windsor community we have the pleasure of using Paradise Park as an outdoor space on the days we are outside. We are outside most of the day unless the weather creates a safety concern. Children in our forest kindergarten engage in the same curriculum and meet the same goals as children in other kindergarten classrooms with the added purposeful implementation of time and space for outdoor play and exploration.

This nature-based learning we use is a balance between supervised student-directed play and exploration time, as well as teacher led discovery following our curricular goals. Independence, imaginative play, problem-solving, communication and teamwork will be the focus of social and emotional development in the woods. On outdoor days we encourage parents to join us for some or all of the day as we learn and explore together. Parent support and involvement is always essential to the success of children in school.

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