Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union

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Two Important Notices

Veteran's Day Program
Tomorrow morning, at 8:15 am sharp, we will enjoy our annual Veteran's Day Ceremony here at WS, in the gym.  Won't you join us?  Please remember to proudly wear the colors of our flag.  See you tomorrow!

Lock Down Drill Today
We had a lock down drill today at 11:04 am.  The students were apprised by their teachers earlier in the week that one was being planned, so they had the time to talk about it and review the plan.  We often start the year by announcing that a drill will take place in an effort to ease their anxiety, so they can ask questions and also, so we can eliminate the element of surprise.  Once it becomes more common place, then we have drills without announcing them first.  The students were absolutely quiet and in their places when the drill was called using the command, “Clear the Hall; Secure the Building”.  After the Inhouse Crisis Team checked all doors and rooms, including the Outdoor Classroom, where our kindergarten friends were, an “All Clear” was announced and all in the school community continued on about their day.  Once the command was called over the PA system and the radio, it took less than 30 seconds for the school to be perfectly still, for Kindergartners to go into hiding outside, and for all indoor doors to be locked. WS is a safe school!  Feel free to ask your children about our monthly drills and why we have them.

Enjoy this lovely sunshine!