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Volunteers for Monthly Food Taste Testing Needed

WS would like to once again provide nutrition promotion by starting a Food of The Month Taste Testing Program to start in November.  Our Farm to School Coordinator, Amy Richardson, would like to train volunteers to work with Cafe Services and her to provide this opportunity for students during both lunch periods.  This is in keeping with the new health and wellness policy the board is about to pass.  Below is an excerpt from the policy that speaks to this specifically:

  1. The school district shall provide nutrition promotion focused on a food of the month utilized by food service with activities such as taste testing, education, and recipes.
  2. The food services staff shall produce monthly menus and other materials promoting nutrition. Nutrition information also may be provided by Farm to School staff and volunteers.
  3. Staff and volunteers are strongly encouraged to model healthy eating habits.

If you are interested, please email or call the school to let Amy know.