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Dear Hartland Community:

First, what a beautiful 8th grade graduation yesterday.  Hartland has so many strong traditions, the least of which is certainly not the festivities surrounding our 8th grade send-off.  We should all be proud of those traditions and we wish our 8th graders the absolute best. Also, one more shout-out to Susan Murphy who is retiring after so many years of dedication to our school.

We are also sending someone else off --- to High School. Our wonderful principal Mr. Moreno is leaving us this year as we all know.  We want to wish him one more final congratulations as he begins his new adventure at Hartford High School.  This is a dream and passion for Jeff and we wish him the best.  He will be missed.

To that end, I want to report that that the school board and I have been working hard to come up with a good transition plan.  As I stated in a previous note to the community, it is simply too late to find a permanent replacement for Jeff.  We have interviewed several full-time interim candidates, but none of them are thought to be the right fit for Hartland. So, I am pleased to announce the following plan for the 2016-2017 school year.

Mr. Shaun Pickett, long-time principal of South Royalton School, will be our part-time Interim Principal.  He will be the main point of contact for the board and I as he oversees the operation of the school.  He is well respected and extremely knowledgeable.  He will be in the building at least two days a week. When he is not there, the administrator in charge will be Angie Ledeau. She will carry the title of Assistant Principal next year. She has two years of experience as the Dean of Students and is fully licensed as a principal. 

In addition, we are asking Ms. Mary Margaret Hitchcock to assume the role of Teacher Leader next year. We will fill her current position with another staff person and she will be able to devote full-time service to the teachers and students -- especially as that relates to academic integrity and instructional improvement. Mary Margaret is a long-serving and well-respected Hartland educator.  She will be a great member of the team.  She does not have an administrative license, so it will be important to direct all official inquiries about academic, behavioral, and climate issues to either Shaun or Angie.  

Finally, any and all of the members of this team will have me on speed dial.  I love Hartland and I will do everything I can to bring my experience to any issues that may arise. I continue to carry a principal's license and a teaching license.

This team will work over the summer to determine specific duties.  We will keep you posted. This is an experienced team and should do a great job for the Hartland school community. The board is committed to starting the full-time search as early as possible -- probably in late November or December.  We will, at that time, be asking for community members and teachers to sit on the Search Committee. This is how we found Jeff and this is how we will find the next excellent leader at Hartland.

I wish you all a wonderful and restful summer.  Thank you so much for trusting your children to our care.

Dr. David Baker
Superintendent of Schools
802-674-2144 ext. *110

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