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Concert Etiquette from Rebecca Wood, Music Teacher
While attending concerts is a gratifying experience outside of our typically busy lives, live musical performance can be many things to the performers including: gratifying, exciting and fun, but also stressful and/or scary.  Please understand that in live performance things happen: some perhaps even better than the performers hoped, but perhaps unexpected instances as well. Publicly showing a personal part of you through something as expressive as music takes a lot of courage regardless of how well you prepare. We ask that you do your part to respect our musicians and fellow audience members by being mindful and observing the following:

●        At Weathersfield School we make a point to discuss concert etiquette and behavior expectations with your students- they know what to do, and they may even share this with you!

●        Please be on time to our concerts. We like to start on time, and it can be distracting to our musicians if there are latecomers! Performers will need to arrive early.

●        Please support our musicians by not talking during their performance; they have worked hard to prepare!

●        To that end, please refrain from taking any phone calls or messages, and make sure your phone is on silent!

●        You are welcome to take photos and video at the concerts, but try to refrain from flash photography if possible, as it can be distracting!

●        Students will be seated according to class, in a set order to streamline transitions during the concert. Your students will know that they are to stay attentive and in those seats for the duration of the performance. You may reunite with your student at the end of the performance.

●        Older students who wish to attend the performance as audience members must be seated with their parents for the duration of the concert.

●        Please, if you have young children or other young guests in attendance, do not allow them to roam or run around the performance area. This is very distracting not only to our performers, but to fellow audience members, and videotaping as well!

●        We made the length of our concerts short enough that we ask that you stay for the full duration of the concert. Not only do our musicians notice when folks leave, which is very distracting but it interrupts other audience members and videotaping. Please be mindful and support our musicians!

●        If you must leave at any time during a performance, please do your best to leave between performing groups or pieces, rather than in the middle of a piece.

●        Lastly, understand that our musicians work hard, do their best, and are proud of sharing their performance with you. Please show your support to these wonderful musicians and......enjoy the show

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