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As you may have heard, many schools in the state of Vermont have decided not to give homework any more.  The reaction has been mixed among, students, their families and educators.  Our supervisory union is also considering adopting a No Homework policy.  Currently, we do give homework and we follow the procedure defined below, (which can be found on pages 25 and 26 in the 2016-2017 Parent/Student Handbook).  WS is very interested in what you think about the possibility of WS becoming a No Homework school.  Please send us your thinking.  You may send it in to your child's teacher or email the teacher or me, (  You do not have to sign your name if you care not too.  We are anxious for input from as many parents, children, community members, and teachers, as possible.  I hope to share the results with our school board and superintendent in the weeks ahead.


Weathersfield School recognizes that homework is an integral part of the instructional program. Homework must have a valid educational purpose and should pertain to the objectives of the course, unit, or lesson in which the student is participating. Only through a planned schedule of in-class and home assignments, closely monitored by the classroom teacher, can the habit and discipline for consistent home study be developed.
-     The teacher will provide help in developing good study skills and ensure that assignments are purposeful, clear, and appropriate. Homework will be an extension of classwork and should be explained in class to enable students to ask questions and receive initial assistance.
-     The student is responsible for the timely completion of homework and should make sure he or she understands the purpose and requirements of the assignment, as well as any preparation that will be needed. It is the student’s responsibility after an absence to find out from the teacher what work he or she missed. The student should use study time properly and efficiently and take full advantage of materials, resources, and supplementary assistance.
-     The parents should provide a home atmosphere conducive to study and encourage their child to complete homework assignments. Parents should not unduly contribute to student work and should provide only that assistance and guidance which will enable the student to independently complete his or her own homework assignments.
-     If a student is experiencing difficulty with homework, the student or parent should contact the teacher as soon as possible. Both teachers and parents may request that a student attend a help session.
The following criteria will be considered when assigning homework. Teachers consider these and other criteria in the development of their class homework assignments.
1.         All assignments will serve a purpose.
2.         Homework will be fitted to the needs and capabilities of the students within each grade level.
3.         Directions will be clearly explained so students know what is expected.
4.         The assignment will add to the student’s knowledge and understanding.
5.         Assignments will be relevant to the curriculum covered within the school setting.
1.         To complete work begun in class.
2.         To provide opportunities for field observation, researching and reporting.
3.         To extend and reinforce classroom experiences and to practice skills introduced in the classroom.
4.         To promote growth in responsibility among students.
5.         To explore creatively many areas of interest and need.
6.         To expand and enrich students’ vocabulary.
7.         To provide rote memorization of essential basic skills.
8.         To extend interests that develop in class.
9.         To develop good cooperation between parents and the school.
10.       To develop independent study skills.
11        To prepare for quizzes and tests.
12.       To read for background information in different subject areas.
13.       To prepare for future classwork.
Help sessions are times set aside by the teacher in order to aid students with classwork, offer remedial assistance, or provide focused attention for homework or other skills. Teachers may require a help session for a student, and parents or students may request a help session as well. Help session days and times will vary depending on the teacher’s schedule. Help sessions take precedence over any school sponsored extracurricular activities. Parents are welcome to contact the school regarding this valuable service.

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