WSESU Welcomes Internet2

As students and teachers return to the Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union (WSESU) this fall, they will be able to access a next-generation research and education network known as Internet2. 

Internet2 is a nationwide research and education membership organization which maintains a high-speed network to promote collaboration and the development of next-generation networking technologies. The latest iteration of the network backbone supports 100Gb/s speeds and has a total capacity of 8.8Tb/s.

Chief Information Officer for WSESU, Larry Dougher is eager to utilize the opportunities Internet2 will bring to students and staff.

“I’m excited to bring to our students and faculty the fruits of working with different stakeholders including Sovernet, UVM, Brocade, and the Vermont UCAN (Unified Community Anchor Network) community to help move our Supervisory Union’s technology access forward. What this means is that a Windsor High School student will have access to the same next-generation networking backbone as a Graduate student at Stanford or a 4th grade teacher at Hartland, Albert Bridge, or Weathersfield will have access to the same networking resources at scale as a Professor at MIT for applications that haven’t even been built yet.”

For Tiffany Cassano, Principal of Windsor Schools, access to Internet2 is valuable on all levels.

“With 1:1 capacity for all students in grades 2-12, Internet2 is the next logical step for Windsor Schools. It will allow our students quicker and broader access to resources that will maximize their capacity for research. Internet2 provides teachers with an endless array of new applications for teaching and learning.”

Windsor Southeast Supervisory Union is the first SU or school in VT to do all of its Internet2 routing in-house, with the help of Sovernet, their ISP, and Brocade. Using in-house networking expertise saves valuable budget dollars.

“Everyone at Sovernet is proud that our state-of-the-art fiber network enables progressive customers like WSESU to more fully leverage what the Internet and Internet2 have to offer their students,” said Gregg Noble, Sovernet’s Business Development Manager, who has overseen the company’s connection to more than 300 anchor institutions. 

“WSESU was the first of our secondary school customers to upgrade their network to one Gig and also the first to use that connection to harness Internet2 for 21st Century learning,” he added.

“Brocade is very pleased to be part of the success of WSESU joining Internet2, especially as K-12’s are able to gain access to its greater ecosystem and benefits. I must give credit where it is due to our talented Systems Engineer, Sean Collins, and the guidance of the UVM team,” said Michael D. Dinan Territory Manager.

In early 2011, Internet2 extended its reach by establishing The United States Unified Community Anchor Network (U.S. UCAN) project dedicated to enabling Internet2 Network access for more schools, public libraries, public safety, health care organizations, and other community anchor institutions.

The University of Vermont has agreed to act as the statewide aggregation point for Internet2 and Vermont UCAN traffic. The University has provided equipment to route Vermont UCAN traffic within the state to Internet2. The University has also agreed to pay Vermont’s Internet2 UCAN fees for the foreseeable future.  With tight school budgets, these fees can range between $40,000 to $80,000 or more depending on the size of the institution.  UVM’s participation has allowed for important access for K-12 students.

"Reflecting Vermonters' strong sense of community, Vermont's statewide research and education network, VT UCAN, is built upon a collaboration between VT EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research), The University of Vermont, six internet service providers, and over 120 community anchor sites across the state,” says Patrick Clemins, Assistant Research Professor, Dept of Computer Science, University of Vermont.

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