WS Newsletter - 6/6/14

Weekly News Letter from The Principal’s Corner

June 6, 2014

Thank you for another GREAT year!!!


Summer School 

It’s not too late to sign up for our exciting summer school program.  For more information, please call Patty Pomerleau, Program Director, at 674-5400.


Grade 6 Art Students Create Pics for Perkinsville Green

As part of the Veteran’s Memorial Committee work, a few WS students were asked to create art work that mirrored important events in our lives that had to do with former wars, veterans, and patriotism.  Several 6th grade students took this idea to heart and worked together to depict two eras in time, the Civil War and World War 2.  The Civil War piece was done using colored pencil, pen and pastel.  The drawing depicts a Union encampment in Vermont.  Evidence of this can be seen in the colonial flag, union uniforms, and the landscape which includes Vermont's beautiful mountains:

6th Grade Artists:

Keegan Murphy

Elijah Milligan

Dylan Hodgdon

Bethany Moore

Hailey Perham


This mixed media piece is a testament to the strength and perseverance of American women in the face of WW 2.  The emblematic Rosie the riveter is present, as well as a farming woman and nurse:

6th Grade Artists:

Hannah Kemp

Ozzie Jewett

Virginia Snyder

Hailey Clark


Art Teacher, Brenda Sheere explained, “These kids put a lot of serious effort into this project.  They came in during study halls, took the work home and even gave up their recess time.  They worked hard on this and I think they did a great job!"


Assemblies for Excellence

WS has decided to have two assemblies on the last day of school to honor students who have worked hard and excelled in a variety of ways.  These assemblies are open to the public, will be scheduled back to back, (for parental ease), and held in the gym:

June 13, 2014: 8:10 to 9:10 am - Grades K-4 - Recognizing Excellence Assembly

June 13, 2014: 9:15 to 10:30 am - Grades 5-8 - Recognizing Excellence Assembly


Volunteer Tea is Set for June 9th at 3:00 pm

Be sure to stop in the AP Room and celebrate with us on June 3rd at 3:00 pm when we say a special thank you to our school volunteers for making a difference!


Honors Dinner

37 students in grades 5-8 will be honored for their excellent report cards at a pot luck dinner at the school on June 9th at 5:00 pm in the AP Room.  Family members and siblings are welcome to join us!


School Improvement and Schoolwide Action Plan Team to Meet

Mark your calendars, please! Time to schedule the last School Improvement and Schoolwide Action Plan Committee Meeting of the year. This meeting is open to the public. Light Refreshments will be served.


Wed., June 11, 2014  2:45 pm to 4:00 pm in the WS Conference Room


1.  Year in Review - as a Year 2 School in Need of Improvement

2.  Did we meet goals 1 and 2?

3.  Setting goals for FY 15 – creating a new three year plan

4.  Open Floor


School on June 16, 2014 for Faculty and Paraprofessionals

The last day for teaches and paraprofessionals will be an inservice day, to be held on Monday, June 16, 2014.



Eighth grade graduation will be held on June 12, 2014 at 7:00 pm in the gym.  The public is invited to attend.


PTA Sponsors GREAT Social Media Presentation – Note the Date Change

Please mark your calendars! Thanks to a grant from the PTA, on June 10, 2014,  at 1:00, Grades 4-8 will have a presentation on Social media by Jennifer Frank, Investigator with the Plymouth State University Police Department.  Jennifer Frank and her presentation comes highly recommended by schools and organizations across the region. 

The presentation covers an introduction to what Social networking is, the history of it, how it is being utilized, the liabilities of various social networking sites and your use of them, Cyberbullying, Social Media outlets and your privacy, legal and personal implications of use of this site, Cyberstalking, and an opportunity to view the digital footprint left behind by the use of these various Internet sites. Websites such as: Chat Roulette, Snapchat, Askfm, Google Street View, Club Penguin, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, Places, Latitude and many others will be discussed during this presentation with an emphasis on the social networking website: Facebook. Thank you PTA!


Last News Letter of the FY 14 School Year

Today, you will receive the last newsletter for this school year. We have had lots of fun and most of it has been chronicled in the pages of each and every newsletter. Special thanks to all who help make our school so very unique and special!



Special thanks to our PTA! They have been so generous and kind, again this year. We really appreciate all that you for us!


Have a great summer and read, read, read!


JeanMarie K. Oakman, WS Principal

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