Message to Parents/Players

The primary purpose of the athletic program in the Hartland School is to promote the physical, mental, social and emotional and moral well being of  each participant. We hope that by participating our youths will have a positive experience that will prepare them to be successful and well rounded in their adult lifes.

Hartland Elementary School considers athletics an important and integral part of the total school experience.  Participation is voluntary and open to all students.  Although participation is voluntary participants are representing their family, school, team and community.  The Hartland Elementary School has set high standards as a requirement for participation.  These standards include academic requirements, citizenship, good sportsmanship, exemplary personal conduct and loyalty.  Each participant will be held responsible to follow not only the school rules, but also the rules of the athletic department and their individual team rules.  Being a part of one of the Hartland Athletic team is a privilege and should be taken serious. 

Ray Sapp, Athletic Director


Parents Zero Tolerance Policy
Sportsmanship is our Goal
To that end, we’ve adopted the following

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Upper Valley Recreation Association (UVRA)* has agreed that there will be zero tolerance for fan misbehavior at all sporting events. This includes, but is not limited to: booing, shouting at officials, or arguing any call. Expressing any negative behavior or comments, threats or     obscene gestures to players, coaches or officials is also unacceptable.

Cheering in a positive fashion, for both sides is highly encouraged. Ours is a recreational league with fun as the primary emphasis. Many officials and coaches are volunteers and we should all appreciate their efforts, and support them, setting a good example for the children.

Any spectator who does not behave appropriately (as directed above) will be asked to leave, according to the following steps:

Official(s) will identify violators to the coaches, or vice versa.

Official(s) confer with both coaches, one of whom will then approach the spectator and may give a warning, or ask them to leave. If the spectator is not recognized by either coach, the home coach will speak to him/her.

If the decision is made for the spectator to leave, play will not resume until he/she has left the facility. If he/she refuses to leave, his/her team will forfeit, and the game will be over.

Please help us foster good sportsmanship, and encourage positive experiences for our youth.

*These towns/organizations are members of the UVRA and have agreed upon the above guidelines: Carter Community Building Association (CCBA), Claremont, Hartford,     Hartland, Hanover, Lebanon, Lyme, Norwich, Plainfield, Springfield, Thetford, Windsor, and Woodstock.

Adopted by the UVRA – January 14, 2003


Inclement Weather

The Athletic Director along with the Hartland Elementary School Superintendent will make all decisions regarding cancellations of games and/or practices prior to 2:00pm on weekdays.  After 2:00pm it is the responsibility of the coach to make the cancellation decision on practices.   If school is cancelled or releases early due to weather, all practices and games will be cancelled as well.


Schedules will be handed out the first week of practice. The schedule will have both practice times and games times.  We will also be posting the team schedules on the Hartland Elementary School website along with the Town of Hartland website.  You will be notified of any changes as soon as possible.  There will be announcements at school if changes take place prior to 2:00pm.  If you need to make a schedule change, you will need to notify the Recreation Department immediately.  It is the responsibility of the coach to notify players of a schedule change.


Buses will be used to transport teams to and from all away games.  On some occasions carpooling will be necessary to get players to and from games.  Players planning on riding home with a parent/friend must give their coach a note stating this.  Coaches are responsible for ensuring that each player has transportation.  Never leave a player at the field after a game or practice.  If parents are continually late, please notify the Recreation Department 


We want the participants to be learning new skills while having fun.  By learning new skills they will create opportunities for success.  Keep in mind the age group in which you are coaching.  Keeping players active through practice will lessen the chances of their losing interest.  At any level, playing small side games will encourage use of the skills they are learning.  There can be a tendency to revert to old habits, if current skills are not used in game situations.

Rules and Regulations 

It is important to recognize that while participating in interscholastic athletics athletes are still governed by school rules and policy.  Students may receive disciplinary action such as detention, suspension, or expulsion for offenses

committed during athletic events. (See Hartland Elementary School Parent and Student Handbook).

            A.  Governing Rules

                   The rules of the Vermont Principals Association must be followed as a minimal regulation where more stringent district, league, school or team rules are not specified. (See Vermont Principals Association by laws) .

            B.  Supplemental Rules and Regulations

                  Supplemental rules and regulations unique to a specific sport or team rules may be implemented upon the approval of the school and athletic director provided that they are not in conflict with the athletic and student codes. 

Violations of these rules may be cause for disciplinary action by the coach, athletic department staff or school administration.

Eligibility for Participation


A student must be enrolled in the Hartland Elementary School or live within the town of Hartland. (See other regulations by the Vermont Principals Association).

Academic Eligibility

The Hartland Middle School eligibility policy is linked to class performance and discipline rather than exclusively to grades. (See Hartland Elementary School Parent and Student Handbook).

Registration/Physical Examinations

All student athletes must bring a signed permission slip from home and a physical examination form signed by their doctor within the last 24 months. The physical examination forms will be kept in the school nurses office. 

Hartland Middle School Offerings

Athletic offerings in the

Hartland Elementary School


7th/8th Girls Soccer

7th/8th Boys Soccer

5th-8th Coed X-Country


7th/8th Girls Basketball

7th/8th Boys Basketball


7th/8th Girls Softball

Coaches Responsibilities

 You are a role model.  Be positive, enthusiastic and encouraging.  There are ways in which to correct mistakes of players without yelling or putting them down.  Keep in mind that different ages need different types of reinforcement.  It is important, however, to correct players if they should need it.  After showing a player what they are doing incorrectly, always show them the correct way, let them show you, and compliment them on the correction.

Enforce all  rules and policies.

Prepare for and administer practices. Inform players of expectations,      pertaining to the sport and season.

Supervise players whether during games, or practices, waiting prior to or after a game or practice, going to or coming from a game At no time will a player be left unsupervised. The coach will assure the safety of each player and will not allow a player to be left, or leave by car, walking, bike or other method without specific ( written) permission from the parent/guardian or school office. Players who are repeatedly not picked up at appropriate times may be suspended or dismissed from the team.

Inform players and parents of any changes in the schedule sufficiently in advance to make appropriate arrangements.

Insure that players respect the opposing team and their facilities.

Insure all players have properly registered for the program.  For safety reasons, no player should be allowed to practice or play with the team until the proper registration form has been completed and approval from the athletic director is given

The coach has a tremendous influence, for either good or ill, on the education of players and, thus shall never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest ideals of character.

The coach shall uphold the honor and dignity of the profession.  In all personal contact with players, officials, parents, the media and public, the coach shall strive to set an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct.

The coach shall take an active role in the prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse, and shall avoid use of alcohol and tobacco products when in contact with players.

The coach shall know the contest rules and shall teach them to his/her team members.  The coach shall not seek an advantage by circumvention of the spirit or letter of the rules.

The coach shall respect and support contest officials. The coach shall not indulge in any conduct that would incite players or spectators against the officials. Public criticism of officials or players is unethical.

The coach shall meet and exchange cordial greetings with competing teams prior to the beginning of an event to set the correct example to players and spectators.

Insure the security of all facilities used following the completion of the game or practice, including locking doors, turning off all lights, and restoring equipment to its proper storage area.


Student Athlete Responsibilities

The student athlete is expected to exhibit respectful sportsmanship like behavior at all times.

The student athlete shall remain in good academic standing according to the school eligibility rules established.

Student athletes are expected to attend all scheduled practices and games.

All student athletes must attend a half-day of school the day of the practice or game in order to participate.

As a student athlete I will respect my coach, teammates, opponents, spectators and officials.

Any student athlete observed by a member of the school staff to use tobacco, illicit drugs or alcohol in any form will be dismissed from the team sports for the duration of the year.

No student athlete will be allowed to participate in practices or games until he/she has registered for the sport and turned in a recent physical form signed by the doctor (24 month physicals are good).


Parent Responsibilities 

As a parent I will promote mature behavior from student athletes and other parents during athletic contest.

I will work closely with all school personnel to assure an appropriate academic as well as athletic experience for my child.

As a parent I will assure that my child attends all schedule practices and games or will communicate with the coach when my child can not attend.  I will give as much notice as possible.

As a parent I will acknowledge the ultimate authority of the coach to determine strategy and player selection.

As a parent I will be respectful and act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.

As a parent I will communicate with the coach on issues, but not before or after practices or games.  I will make sure I schedule an appointment at an appropriate time to discuss these issues. 

Please Note:  Students whose sports event begins after 3:45pm must go home and return for these events.  Supervision is NOT provided after 2:45pm.  Homework club may be available.

Team Selections

HES strives to give all athletes the opportunity to be on a team.  If the number of athletes warrant it we may have multiple teams.

If HES decides to have multiple teams these teams will be divided into “A” and “B” Teams.  Additionally, we must have adult coaches who can coach at this level. 

The “A” team can be compared to a Varsity team in that the “A” team is comprised of players that posses a higher skill level and perhaps more experience in the sport.  At HES “A” team players may not get into every game, though coaches are encouraged to play all players who are eligible.

The “B” team can be compared to JV team in that the “B” team is comprised of players that may posses a little lower skill level or may be playing for the first time.  At HES “B” team players will participate in every game, though game time may vary.   

More General Information


Sportsmanship is the quality of a person who is fair, strives to do his/her best, and is a good loser and a gracious winner. This quality will be stressed at all times. Players, coaches, and spectators will be encouraged and expected to practice good sportsmanship.


The policy on interacting with officials is to be courteous and show respect at all times.  There will be times the official will call it differently than what you may have seen.  Although you may have seen it differently, it is not your responsibility to let them know that you do not agree. 

Program Evaluations

The Athletic department would like feedback from the parents, players, and coaches  regarding the season.  You will receive program evaluations at the end of the season.  The program evaluation will go out to the parents, so that we can get an idea of the positives and negatives of the program.  This is done to ensure that improvements can occur in the following season.

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